Oils! Ooh, la la!

So, I just started using essential oils in my world, and I am pretty amazed at how they work, and how fun they are to use. I will try not to gush too much, but it’s a new love, so, I’m gushing!


Aside from diffusing the oils in various rooms in the house (Peace & Calming II with Lavender is quickly my favorite at the moment, as well as Thieves with Lavender, or just Lavender!), I decided I wanted to make my own chapstick! I use Burts Bees and have for many years, so I’m accustomed to the peppermint, and I love it. So, I found a recipe online (Blog Link to Recipe) and I tried it out! I used the following ingredients/amounts:

1/4 cup beeswax

1/2 cup organic, virgin coconut oil (this stuff smells so good I want to eat it)

I melted these two with the double boiler until clear and then removed from heat and added the following:

a dollop of Vitamin E (I didn’t measure it, I just poured some in)

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil

15 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

At some point I’ll get into the whole DIY thing, with steps and explanations, but for now, just know that this recipe yielded 20 tubes, and I personally wish I would have put a little more Peppermint in. The lip balm is super soft and slides on the lips beautifully. I gave a tube to my mom and she loves it! Her words, a day later, “I love that chapstick! Lips are so soft, I reapplied several times today.” She’s a dear.

Here is a photo of the finished product:

This makes me so happy!

Making this took about 15 minutes. I will make more, and with more essential oils:)

If you have questions about oils, or anything I’ve posted, please do let me know! ❤

Author: Valerie Ellen Fitzpatrick

Hello, & welcome! I live in Grand Rapids, MI. My passion is learning to be my best self, and acquiring the skills & experience to help others do the same!

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