Birthday Cake

I’m a firm believer in birthday celebrations lasting at least a week. Especially if the birthday is for someone you love (like extremely, admire, etc.). Last Monday was my sweetie’s birthday, and since people generally work on Mondays, we weren’t able to properly celebrate the weekend prior. So, I made him a cake on Saturday, his favorite, an almond cake (I’m also a firm believer in eating your favorite cake for your birthday, made by someone that cares for you, each and every year).

I followed this recipe: Almond Cream Cake by Lizzy T. The recipe was fairly straight forward, and the cake was DELICIOUS, even if it was almost too sweet for two pieces. My sweetie also loved it!

Here are a few photos to document the cake, and please don’t judge me for how aesthetically award-winning my version is NOT. 🙂


Author: merchantsdaughter

I'm a girl living in Grand Rapids, MI. Loving life, and eager to share.

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