Frankincense Eye Cream

I mentioned before that I recently started using Essential Oils; I’m still LOVING them, and using them everyday!

Today was the day to try out making my very own lotion for those suddenly apparent wrinkles that recently stopped going away when my smile stopped shining. 🙂

So, as you may know, there are about a thousand or more results that pop up when one Googles “Essential Oil Lotion Recipes,” or any variation of those words. I decided to go with this one, by Nouveau Raw, since it was only TWO ingredients (frankincense and virgin coconut oil), and I already had them in my possession. (I did have to order some special little jars to put the lotion in, but that was expected)

I used a handheld mixer to whip up the coconut oil, and lamented the tiny portion I couldn’t remove from the mixer blades. I followed the recipe, but also added vitamin E. The lotion is oily on the skin if you use too much, so I’ve just dabbed it on, and that seems to allow it to absorb better. Also, this probably sounds crazy, I can already see a difference. I’m about to deliver one of these jars to my dear mother and one to my wonderful friend Emily (the latter claims to be really close to starting her own blog, any day now), so I can have more feedback, and also just to share the love.

Here are some photos of the process (please don’t judge my hideous green counters! haha).


Author: merchantsdaughter

I'm a girl living in Grand Rapids, MI. Loving life, and eager to share.

4 thoughts on “Frankincense Eye Cream”

      1. YES! Haha. There are so many on the market at varying price points and I don’t want to buy “cheap” ones that have the chemicals I am trying to avoid present in their formulas.

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  1. I am using Young Living EOs; from what I’ve read, they are really on top of the processes, timing and purity of the extraction for these oils. I would recommend them for sure. Here is their website:
    check it out! My YL# is 3646992, btw, in case you do decide to order anything! I plan to continue to make more health and beauty items, and blog about my experiences too:)

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