Spring Break: 2016

Just a short story, and then to my latest jewelry creations.

I haven’t had an official “Spring Break” since 1998 – my senior year in HS (no old jokes, please). This year though, since I’ve broken free of the chains of my former job, and recently took up substitute teaching, I HAVE A REAL SPRING BREAK!

Since I’m kind(ish), I am watching a friends dog, at my house, while HE is gone away with his kids for spring break. Did I mention I live in Michigan, and our spring has begun with snow and buckets of rain? Oh, well, I should have. Not that I’m complaining – I have plants that need rain, but standing outside with the “old girl” (I like calling her old girl instead of her name. She’s a year old), in the rain, while she sniffs around looking for the perfect spot for her gift to me…well, it makes me question my decision making skills.

She’s a lovely specimen with beautiful brown eyes and curly reddish brown hair, but standing in the rain for several minutes, waiting for something I don’t even really want is not my idea of fun.

OK, enough complaining. Thanks for the space to rant a moment. 🙂

Here is the old girl:

The “old girl,” my house guest for Spring Break.

PS- in case you were wondering, she was banned from my creative space, though she doesn’t shed – I can’t have her sniffing around in here!


Author: merchantsdaughter

I'm a girl living in Grand Rapids, MI. Loving life, and eager to share.

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