Making bracelets makes my metaphorical heart happy. I’ve been enjoying making fabric cuffs using pieces of denim and fabric and buttons I having lying around. Here are some that I have posted to my etsy site – and some that aren’t posted yet.


I have also been working on some beaded bracelets – I deconstructed some I had made previously and started over. So far I like the results!


Let me know what you think:)

Thanks for reading!




My friend Emily has had a stash of various metal pieces of aluminum and copper for a while, and I recently started playing around with it. Aluminum is a dream to hammer compared to copper, but I love them both so much! I’m having a lot of fun with this. Here are a few things I’ve recently made. Some I posted to Etsy, and some are gifts. Let me know which you like!

Hammered Copper with Czech glass round 6mm beads. LOVE these
Imperial Jasper and hammered aluminum
LOVE hammered aluminum with Imperial Jasper beads! Drooling
Aluminum and shells
Choose Life hammered aluminum with shell beads. Iron findings. LOVE this gift for a dear friend of mine.